omg kitties!

wtf kitties?!

baby growth

One day I decided that I wanted a cat.  A few hours later I decided that I wanted 2.  So I called every pet store and humane society around, but no one had kitties.  Either there weren't enough or they wanted $400 for some backyard breeder's worm factory.  Then, I got in touch with the Cat Rescue Network in Ottawa.  They had a bunch of kitties that were going to be ready to go home in a couple of weeks.  I thought that would be the solution, but I didn't want to waste those couple of weeks where I would be home before having to work full time during the summer.  The woman who runs the network, Louise, also mentioned that they do fostering. 

The idea stuck with me, and a few days later I was given a pregnant cat named Baby, who was due any day.  She had an upper respiratory infection, eat mites, diarrhea, was underweight, and had adorable deformed paws.  So, I fell in love with Baby right away, although I'm sure she resented me for the eye drops and antibiotics and nail clipping and vet trip and ear mite stuff.  Then, I bribed her with KMR and she decided I was cool after all.


I found out that Baby was a stray living in a colony around Kemptville.  She probably got knocked up by every tom in the colony.  This woman who fed the cats (bread and spaghetti, ha!), saw her and felt sorry for her.  She contact the Cat Rescue Network and that is how I came in. I got her on a Saturday.  That Thursday, May 31, she gave birth to 4 kitties!  I will be at home with them for the next 5 weeks.  Eventually, I'll have to give them up for adoption (except for the 2 that I haven't chosen yet).  Buuut, I'd rather not think about that right now.  Instead I'm going to post updates on their development and epic battles over Baby's nipples.

1 day old


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I understand you’re trying to find homes for the kittens you’ve listed here? I’ve been looking for a kitten. I’m impressed at all the time and effort you’ve taken for these kittens as well. I’m sure you have questions for me, feel free to contact me at either or 613-421-1588, ask for Larry.

Comment by Larry

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