omg kitties!

BrrRrow brrrrrt bBrrr meeeeeow (BABY NEEDS A HOME)

bRrrrow. (Hello.)


They think I was someone's kitty once, or maybe my mom was, but either way, that someone decided they didn't want us anymore!  They thought I would be ok if they let me free in a field, where I could eat mice or something.  Or the fishers could eat me.  Or where I could enjoy the great outdoors.

I wasn't spayed, so I got pregnant pretty quick, probably by at least 2 toms!  There wasn't enough to eat, so I got extremely thin as my body tried to support my 4 babies.  There were people around our colony that would feed us when they could, but often it was something like spaghetti or bread. 


Luckily, a bunch of us from the colony were rescued because we were more domestic than feral.  Me and my sister (who was also pregnant), and others, were brought into the city to be fostered by vounteers, until we could find forever homes. 

I got to my foster home on a Saturday, and the next Thursday, I gave birth to my kittens.  That was enough in itself, but I also had ear mites, a nasty upper respiratory infection that made me sneeze and leak goop from my eyes, and diarrhea.  I also have only three toes on each front paw, but nobody seems to mind that part!  

happy mummy1.jpg  6 days.jpg

As the weeks went by, I got stronger and fatter.  I am still a small cat, but I've been putting on weight so that you can't feel my spine anymore when you pet me!  My ear mites were cleared up, and also the URI.  I had to get drops in my eyes twice a day, but I never scratched or bit.

Now my kittens are seven weeks old, and are almost ready to leave home.  They have families to take care of them, but I still need a home.  My foster mom will take care of me until we find the right person.


I would make a great companion for someone who is at home much of the day, in a quiet area with no children.  I can be shy around strangers, but once I get to know you, I am as affectionate as anyone could hope for.  I love to be petted and to sleep at the end of the bed.  I like to talk a lot, and my favourite word is "brrrrow,"  closely followed by "merraow."

I need lots of love!  I'm not one of those kitties that is stuck up and won't return it either.  I know that things could be much, much worse after all!

Please adopt me!  I am looking for a home and someone to take care of me forever!  If that person is you, then let my foster mom know! You can leave a comment on my page.


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awwwwww so cute. I love the write-up. I would adopt her in a second if I didn’t already have to babies of my own!

Comment by Lisa

Oh she is so cute!
I was interested earlier but I did not know how to contact you.

I am a feline lover. I have recently moved to a small apartment in Ottawa. Me and my fellow cat lover roomate are looking for a Kitty to adopt, Love and Spoil.

Please email me with more information. Also I would love to see her.
Please contact me.

Joelle Jensen

Comment by Joelle Jensen

I hope my coworker takes her! She is so cute!

Comment by Tia

I hope my coworker takes her! She is so cute!

Three toes! I have heard of six toes but never three! If you are having a bad day you could hold her paw up to the world and tell people to read between the lines! 🙂

I can feel a happy ending coming here!


Comment by Tia

Jess, your kitties blog rules.

Comment by engtech

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