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June 18, 2006, 8:33 am
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The kitties are going for their first vaccinations tomorrow.  I wanted to have everyone go together, but I don't trust that they aren't nursing a bit from Baby, so her vaccinations will have to wait.

Here are some pictures of cute kitties.

I took everyone out on their leashes/harnesses onto my balcony. That was suprisingly uneventful. The more interesting parts took place when I was trying to sctually get the harnesses on the kittens! Out of necessity, I've developed a talent for catching them in mid-air.

Anyway, I could tell they weren't as interested in their usual toys (ripping up my plants was a good sign), so I fixed them something new. Behold:

 Oh yeah, I clipped Moo-face's front claws for the first time, and he didn't mind at all! 🙂


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Wonderful website, Jessica. You did so well raising the kittens (with Baby’s help) and finding them homes. Also a great job of recording their cuteness and progress.


Comment by Linda

This is like THE ultimate cat blog! 🙂

Comment by pickleshane

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