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The McOrange vs. the litter box saga
May 13, 2006, 3:05 pm
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OK, so as I write this, McOrange has been litter trained for about a week now.  Let it be known that the 2 weeks prior to that were HELL!

 I caught him at least 2 dozen times pissing all over the house.  He was totally indiscriminate as to where he went, so long as it was in a private spot.  I would diligently clean up all his spots (I even bought a black light and an enzymatic cleaner to do the job right), but he would still avoid the litter box!

I tried plopping him on it, and no.  He would turn around and try to leave right away.  So I'd keep putting him back there, but he wouldn't finish peeing until he could get a secluded corner.

Next, I tried keeping him in the bathroom with the litter box.  He promptly peed in the corner opposite to the box.

So, it came down to putting him in jail.  Behold:

He HAAAAAAATED it. The first time, he screamed for a half hour, while launching himself at the walls of the box. I had to lock Baby and the other kittens out because they would hear him and come over to investiage. Then, he would see them and get all hopeful about escape, and his launching attempts would increase in intensity.

Throughout the whole thing, I had to sit right beside the box and watch him, so that I could let him out right when he peed, so he'd know why he was there. This meant that I sat beside that box for an hour on a couple of occasions.

Thankfully, he learned, and would pee right away when I put him in jail. Next, I plopped him on the communal box and he went right away.

Problem solved!  I haven't had to do it in a few days now.


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