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Favourite spots
May 13, 2006, 3:17 pm
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The kitties would like to introduce you to their favourite spots, now that they have taken over the whole house.

The gym clothes drawer.

The bookshelf.

The living room chairs. (They like to sleep here since I have to kick them out of my bedroom. I don't like to separate them from Baby all night, and she keeps us all awake BrrRRrRowing at 3-6am.)

My lap. (Moo-face likes to sleep upside down.)

My bed!

The cat tree. They really like to sleep here! (They're doing it as I type..)

My shoes! This is their favourite place to play. If my shoes are close together, they have their front legs in one, and their back legs in the other. If the shoes are spread out, they are used for chew toys and hiding places. They also add challenging obstacles as the kitties tackle each other, sometimes sprawled over a mixture of work shoes, flip flops and slippers.

Wherever the yellow tunnel is! They really like to play with this. McOrange has taken to pouncing on the tunnel when he catches one of his siblings in it.


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Hi, my bf and I are looking for a kitten…and we really liked the orange tabby…are u in the Ottawa area…please email me back and let me know…thanks!! (


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