omg kitties!

May 1, 2006, 9:33 am
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Now that the kitties are a month old, I've started to introduce them to solid food.  I've been trying for a few days and the results are pretty bad, but it's to be expected. 

 The first time, I mixed up kitten food with KMR and let it turn into gruel, then offered it to them.  They weren't interested, so I put some on my finger and tried to get them to lick it.  McOrange and Bella went after it, but only Bella mowed down.  Then a couple of days went by with me introducing the food at least twice a day, and no one took it.

A day or two ago, I tried again and Bella and McOrange mowed down hardcore on the stuff.  Then yesterday, I heard some crunching sounds and saw McOrange eating out of Baby's dry food bowl (her food is for older kittens and the peices are bigger and harder, but he still ate it!). I think he'll probably be the easiest to train at this rate!

 I also moved Baby's dishes into their room so that they could watch her eat.  (She likes their baby food better than her own and gorges herself on it all the time.)  They seem to be learning from her though (they're more likely to eat what they see her eating.)


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