omg kitties!

lap kitties
April 24, 2006, 10:22 pm
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I put the kitties on the bed today and they seem to really like it there.  They're also exploring ME, crawling all over my legs and stuff when I sit down. 

Bella slasher crawled on my legs for a while, then curled up in my lap, sorta on her back/ass so it was SUPER cute to look down and see her.  Then she took a nap for a half hour!

After, the other kitties came over, and since this was obviously the new hangout, I soon had 4 kitties curling up with me.  SO CUTE.

When I got up, Bella and Moo-face Maurice followed me almost to the other room. (They haven't left my bedroom yet, ever).  I think they like me and stuff, cuz they ran over to me when I came home this evening.


Sea Monkey Nadine is sooo shy.  She stays in the box half the time when the others are out playing.  I've been taking her out and trying to ease her into things, but I think she'll always be shy. 😦

PS: obviously there are no pictures, because one does not take pictures when there is a pile of precious kitty faces smushed into your lap.


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