omg kitties!

Big update
April 22, 2006, 9:41 pm
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This little piggy talks to me:

This little piggy is shy, fat, and soft:

All the piggies cannot be confined to the box anymore. At night, I tried to shut them up inside, and they climbed on top of eachother, trying to get out the hole. Fatty McOrange is the bravest now, even though he was the last to come out.

I took them to the vet, and happily their goopy eyes should resolve on their own. (They are already looking better.) They've been checked for ear mites and so far so good! Baby doesn't have any either, thought she did have a lotta shit in her ears that we flushed out. I brought some of her poos to be tested since she still has diarrhea, even after finishing the antibiotics.

oh, and the kittens can walk now, so of course they are swating and licking and climbing and exploring and fighting.

The fighting is SOOOO ADORABLE, but obviously you will agree from the pics below.


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