omg kitties!

Baby is shy
April 17, 2006, 4:38 pm
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So, Baby never likes to sit still when she's being petted.  She walks around in a circle right in front of you, making brRRrr noises.  Then, when she's ready, she does this dive into the ground so that she's flopped on her side.  She actually does this so vigorously sometimes that she konks her head on the floor.

Anyway, sometimes if I'm lying in bed, she'll do this diagonal recline on me.  She digs her claws into my clothes to get some good leverage to drape her upper body across me, and then knead with her paws.  It's really cute.

Last night, I decided to do an experiment, since procrastinating from studying for exams + kitties goes really well together.  I picked her up and plunked her on my lap and she actually stayed there!  She was really happy, purring and kneading on my lap.  Awww.  It was the first time I got her to stay on my lap 🙂


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