omg kitties!

The pirates have found land
April 15, 2006, 9:00 am
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So, I decieded to open up the box a bit more so that the kitties could explore outside if they wanted.  The way it was before, it was totally impossible for them to get out.

 So, that's what I did, expecting them to come flooding out.  They totally ignored the hole!  Baby really likes it because she can sleep with her head or feet sticking out.

APRIL 15 3.jpg

 Anyway, eventually they did peak around.  First it was Maurice Burntbeard MOO-face.  He got onto the carboard part and started screaming because there was no traction compared to the towel.  He quickly went back in, failing, as usual, to find the treasure 😛

Next was Bella Slasher.  More or less the same reaction.

ARIL 15 3.jpg

Then was Sea Monkey Nadine, who was totally cool about the whole thing.  She got onto the real floor, looked around, and went back inside.

Fatty McOrange is a scaredy cat who just sorta stuck his head out.

APRIL 15 2.jpg


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