omg kitties!

Picky Kitty
April 11, 2006, 9:12 am
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Here are some things that Baby likes to play with (in order or preference):

  1. the clear plastic tops from spray bottles
  2. this specific cheetah-print soft ball filled wiith catnip
  3. the top part of the couch (for scratching)
  4. her scratching post (hooray!)

Here are the things she has utterly rejected (in no particular order.  Her disdain is spread equally):

  1. toilet paper rolls
  2. this little tunnel with a ball attached to the roof
  3. these things: [Link]
  4. puffy balls
  5. tennis balls for kitties (w/ catnip)
  6. sock filled with catnip on dangly thread
  7. ball with bell inside
  8. puff ball attached to girating coil on a wood block covered with carpet
  9. feathers
  10. string
  11. a nice comfy cat bed
  12. the mat outside her litter box
  13. paper bags
  14. plastic bags
  15. ribbons

whats a camera.jpg


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