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Interesting facts about kitties
April 8, 2006, 7:53 pm
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  • They can't poop or pee on their own until they are about 3 weeks old.  Until then, the mom licks their poopers to stimulate them to go.  She eats it.
  • When their eyes open, at around 10-14 days, their eyes still aren't fully developed, and they are almost blind.
  • Kitties can't regulate their body temperature when they are very young.  This is why they sleep in a pile or up against mom.
  • Kitty squeals sound like kids on a roller coster, but very far away.
  • Kitties like hammocks.
  • Spider plants make kitties hallucinate.
  • About 25% of cats dont respond to catnip, and young kittens usually don't at all.

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Love cats, but don’t have any now. My friend Nancy
has two. They have never had their paws on the ground.



Comment by Shirley

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