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A little background..
April 6, 2006, 11:32 am
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So the kitties will be 1 week old at about 3am tomorrow morning.  There are four of them; 2 torties, a black and white one and an orange and white one.  Here’s what that week has been all about:

5 days old

 First, the black and white one (I nicknamed him MOO) was bigger and stronger than everyone.  He was the firstborn.  I had to break open the sack that he was born in and start him breathing because Baby was wandering around in extreme confusion/pain, and he was just sorta chilling out there, yknow, in a sack.

Anyway, now he’s one of the smaller ones, but he’s still just as feisty and always battles for the best nipple.

My favourite is the orange guy. He is the biggest and the furriest! He hasn’t been agressive until lately, but he got so big because he ALWAYS feeds, and not even on the best nipple 99% of the time.

The tortie with the white/beige patch on her face was the second born. She is probably the strongest, although there isn’t much of an edge. She’s not very aggressive, but she knows how to hold it down when Fatty McOrange wants to steal a nipple.

The second tortie has a lighter coloured body, and she was the third born. She has generally been the weakest, but she’s been getting stronger over the last few days, and now she’s the same size as everyone. I think she is very unassuming.

 4 days old

Hi. I have kitties and they are cuuute.

They have been getting louder and stronger every day. At first their squeaks were pretty quiet, but now they wake me up with epic battles at 4am. Baby hasn’t minded me being around them, or when I have to handle them to change the sheet. I was too afraid to pet them until they were a few days old.

When they first came out they looked like rats. They’re getting more kitty-like by the day, especially the orange one. Their coordination is still pretty bad. But their nails are growing and I can see them try to use them!

When they first used to fight, it used to be with these fatigued, effortful clawing motions at each other, from lying down beside each other. Now their paws fly around like mad and they scrreeeeaam at each other, although I think they are mostly harmless still 🙂

happy mummy1.jpg

Baby has been doing well too. She doesn’t sneeze or leak crap out of her eyes anymore. She has a whole lot more energy, and a bit more fat on her. She started meowing to the kittens a couple of days ago. She meows to me a lot too!I finally got her to start using the scratching post. She was using my couch for a while! I caught her a couple of times and hissed at her, then had this 1-minute ultra-intense staring contest that I REFUSED to lose. Ever since then, when I hiss, she knows I mean business.

She still loves me because I feed her KMR.


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